Raspberry Pi 4 Model B connection with Putty

We need to download operating system which will run on Raspberry Pi and upload into SD card.

Download the suitable one above and after that we put the SD card into Raspberry Pi like below,

After we plug the Pi in the power. It will be booted from SD card. But first let’s download Putty,

Let’s give some power,

Before plugging Ethernet cable, open Network and Sharing Center.

There is only one connection shown and that is the wifi. After we plug the ethernet cable there will be a “unknown network” shown in here.

After we plugged the ethernet cable you need to see “Unknown Network” (Tanımlanamayan Ağ in the picture),

After connection established lets ping raspberry and see If we can get a result,

We have a response so let’s connect with putty,

After clicking Open button we will have a SSH connection to Raspberrypi.local (port should always be 22)

If SSH is successful, login will be required like above,

User Name: pi

Password: raspberry

If you got Connection Refused error. Then probably raspberry doesn’t allow ssh connection.

For this error you just need to open SD card and add a empty ssh.txt file and plug in Raspberry again, now error will be gone and CLI will be ready after login again!